To My Players:

I want to thank my players for their patients and understanding, waiting for me to design the new world, and education myself on the new game mechanics. As you know we will be using D&D 4th edition core rules.This is our web presence on the Internet. A place for us to organize our game, gather our thoughts and place information. Just as Dungeons&Dragons is a dynamic game and constantly changing, so is the news and information on here. I strongly encourage all members of the adventuring party to contribute to this site. I think in the end it will be worth the time. So place your dice on the table, sit back and listen to my tale. Your journey to the Dark Realms is about to begin.


The Nentir Vale is located in the northern lands in the world of Nerath. The Nentir Vale was settled around a 100 years ago by the Empire of Nerath. As the land began to populate in the north, the Empire of Nerath became besieged by invaders of the Blood Skull Tribe, a band of goblins and hobgoblins. Thus began the Bloodspear Wars. Losses were heavy on both sides with no clear victor emerging. The Vale missed much of the war, the land and people were thrust into battle in the last few years of the conflict. While the war has been over for decades the lands still show the ravages of war. There are places that have fell into ruin and bands of the Blood Skull Tribe are scattered across the land.

As the years went by communications have stopped between the southern and northern lands. With the exception of some old timers, the Bloodspear Wars are a distant memory. New generations have been born and raised in the Vale and forgotten are the lessons of the past. Peace has blanketed the land for years, with the exception of bandits on trade roads, the land is calm. Thriving towns and communities have formed and flourished, trade between them is the life blood of Nentir Vale.

Most residents in the Vale have never traveled beyond its borders. The majority of the population are farmers, craftsmen and tradesmen. They live mostly in the settled towns and lands of Winterhaven, Fallcrest, Harkenwold, Nenlast and the dwarven mountain keep of Hammerfast, the major trading partners in the region. Each city has a sovereign government that protects the safety of its residents and regulates trade.

The surrounding area’s outside the protection of the local city governments are are ripe with danger. Its often said these fortified cities are points of light in a dark untamed wilderness. Away from the cites the wilderness is staged with bandits and monsters so terrifying, that it would send the average person screaming for their lives. The land is in need of heroes to hold back the evil and make the Vale safe.

Each city has a Merchant Company that stores, purchases, protects and transports trade goods from one city to the other. Local merchants, farmers and craftsmen relay on their services and warehouses for the importation of their goods and services. These companies are the blood supply of the economy and as such are well trained and staffed. To work for one is considered an honor and an accomplishment of ones dedication to their city and people.

Man may be new to the region but the land is ancient, threatening all who chose to wonder from the protection of civilization and settlements. Scattered across the land are ruined manors, broken keeps and evil cults. The Blood Skull Tribe has been growing in numbers recently and it is rumored that a Cult of Orcus has been attracting followers. Travelers have also reported the dead are rising and walking the land at night. Fear and rumors are common talk in homes and taverns through out the land.

Vast treasures and deadly curses lie in wait for all daring to investigate and explorer. Now is the chance for you to stake your claim and make your mark upon the world. Grab your destiny with both hands and guide it where you will. The Age Of Hero’s Has Begun…

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”.

~ Abaddon The Slayer, Lord Of Winterhaven

Dark Realms

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