Empire of Nerath

Nerath destruction

Bloodspear Wars

The Empire of Man ruled in the south for 500 years. A prosperous land in wealth, food and people. Where castles rose to the clouds and knights believed in honor and valour. The gods of good blessed the land and its people.

More than 100 years ago an evil swept through the empire, during the time of the expansion to the Nentir Vale. Tribes of goblins descended and cast a shadow on the land, leaving a path of death and destruction in their wake. No reason was found for such an invasion. At first it was thought it was about land, but the goblins did not seem interested in it. Every possible motive was quickly discredited. After years of battle it was realized they were…searching…for something. Whatever it was never came to light.

The goblins gave no quarter and none was giving to them. Though they did make slaves of women and children and in times of need made food from them. It was indeed the worst of days and the gods of good seemed not to care. The Knights of Old could not stop the endless waves of marauders. For every goblin killed 2 more replaced their ranks.

For a generation blood was spilled by sword and spear, and still no end was in sight. The lands grew cold and the crops withered. The Age of Man was at an end.

In a final stand the remaining Knights rode for honor to a certain death. Their final fate was not dealt by a goblin but by one man. A man that held a wand made of obsidian topped by a skull. This instrument caused death merely by touching their flesh. Thus ended the Bloodspear Wars.

Nerath has since shattered into dozens of smaller territories and humans are no longer unified…except in the Nentir Vale.

Empire of Nerath

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